Saturday, August 2, 2014

Oh my!

     In my naive mind, I thought while moving back into my old room would be a ton of work and of course a hassle, I had no idea.  No idea.  I went over this past Thursday and walked down to my new (old) room.  Oh my.  The cupboard - one old wooden one and one new metal one - were jam packed with "stuff".  Some very good stuff, but I have no idea what all is in there.  Furniture was everywhere.  That in and of itself was daunting.  But it led me to the conclusion, I have no space for my things.  They are all down in the room I was in last year.  Neatly packed away inside the wall of cupboards I had.  I wasn't sure what to do or where to start.  My things had come out of this room a year ago, so I knew they would fit.  However in that year, two teachers had occupied that space.  And left things - lots of things.  I got some things done, but none of it was moving my things in.  I feel sort of like I am invading someone else space.  I want to think about my kids and plan and get excited about our year together, but all I can focus on is how to move into this room.  I will post pictures later when it is "my" space.  Right now, I am feeling somewhat like the man without a county.

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