Sunday, September 22, 2013

I Have Begun!

     I know it is hard to believe with classes for most everyone else at our school having started nearly a month ago that I have had classes now for a total of 2 weeks.  Honestly though, it has given me time to test, work out problems and get ready.  So I am not complaining - it is just different.  I felt a little lost there for awhile watching classrooms get started.  It was a bit hard.  Not now though.  I am so in love with what I am doing.  It continues to be a struggle to plan and get things organized for my groups, but even that was a bit easier this week.  A bit.
     There are so many great programs out there.  I have looked at what our school has and tried to to work out some sort of formula for planning for each grade.  I may have it.  I may change my mind again.
     I love my groups.  I am, of course, most comfortable with second and third considering my teaching background.  I love the fourth grade because they were my third graders last year.  And there is fifth, kindergarten, and first.  Uh.  I really like the fifth grade group and hold out the hope they will become my favorites, but right now I am involved in a show of "who's boss".  Not great, but it will develop.  They are really great kids one on one, but a bit testy as a whole.  I love the kindergarten and first, but they are not my comfort zone.  I don't know how to best serve them and I want to give them everything they need to get started.  That challenges me so much.
     Every afternoon I have car duty.  I haven't had to do that before when I was in the classroom.  I knew I would hate it.  I don't. I actually love it.  I get to send the kiddos off with a smile and some love.  It is hot out on the sidewalk for about 40 minutes so cooler weather will make this even better.
     I also have morning duty every few weeks.  That involves standing on the sidewalk in the early morning light (or at times dark) and saying hello and telling kiddos not to run.  Sounds like it could be really dull, doesn't it?  It isn't.  I stand there and think about my day.  Say a prayer for my school and the little ones.  I watch the parents and their interactions with their children as they drop them off.  Sometimes they are so loving and act like they will really miss them.  Then there are a few - fortunately just a few - that get out of the car with the parent still yelling or fussing.  They lower their heads and walk toward the door.  That is when I try the most to smile and tell them how happy I am to see them.  And I mean it.  This past week I have also been treated to the sound and sight of a wonderful V of geese about the same time each morning.  Awesome.  I feel God's blessing me personally with those geese.  Stay in formation, fly with me and we will succeed.  I wish I had a picture.
     I do have a few pictures of my room.  It isn't flashy or really crowded, but I like it so much.  Just another blessing this year has given me.
Oh I love those cabinets!

A place to read quietly

CAFE reading

A few tables and my corner of the room
     Thank you for dropping by to visit.  I hope to get a bit more regular on posting on this blog.  But planning takes up a lot of my time now (and the art work on my other blog).  Have a great week.