Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Back at it! Chapters 4 and 5

        One of the things discussed in Chapter 4 of The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller was setting up a reading notebook.  In the past while in the classroom, I always used reading notebooks - to some varying degrees of success.  I am not sure what I need or want to do as a resource teacher.  They will probably have notebooks in their regular classroom so I don't want to overload them.  However some type of accountability is needed.  I sort of go back and forth at how I want to use this.  I do want to have a reading requirement.  Miller uses a requirement of 40 books.  I will have grades 2 - 5.  I am thinking of having 25 for second and going up by 5 each grade.  That may not be doable at all.  I have no idea what my students are like or capable of.  I do want it to be a challenge.  I like how she talks about not . . . "punishing" them for not making their goal, but simply celebrating their success whatever it may have been.  That I really like.
     She begins to probe in chapter 5 by asking, "what does reading mean to you?"  Just today, I went to our local library and checked out a stack of books.  I read constantly.  I read professional material.  I love mysteries and science fiction and most anything else.  I have always been a reader, more at home with books (and my art work) than with most people. 
     Two types of readers (teachers) are discussed.  Efferent readers/teachers.  They are the ones who see reading as way to acquire knowledge and more skills to be mastered.  The other group, aesthetic readers, are the ones who see reading as an emotional and intellectual journey.  One sees reading as a gift, the other as a goal.  I think to be successful next year I am going to have to "marry" the two together.  My future students are going to be in need of heavy skill work - we've got to "catch up", but I also want them to come away from this upcoming year as seeing reading as a gift, a passion.
     Thank you for dropping by.  I think my art blog has spoiled me with my followers and comments.  I come over here and feel a bit lonely.  So, if you would like to leave me some sunshine, I would love it.  Have a grand week!   

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  1. Hi Cathy-I have a friend who went from 30 yrs in the elementary classroom to be appointed as a math resource teacher- she now travels to all the elementary schools in the county visiting classrooms to help teachers teach math. It took a while for her to get used to it-she missed the small class of kids, but she enjoys her work with a more diverse population.
    I teach art to homeschooled kids and also do their year-end evaluations. I have found so many families who supplement the quality books in their curriculums with more wonderful books that support the particular interests of their child. The homeschooling population has increased greatly in the past 20 years and there are so many excellent curriculums, websites and blogs out there that support reading and books!
    Good luck with your new position!