Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas break

One of the things I was unsure about with my new position was the "fun stuff" I would miss - the Christmas art and parties and such.  This week our building has been filled with holiday merriment.  And as I expected to some degree I did miss it.  Some.  When the halls got crazy or I saw a particularly rowdy group, maybe I thought it wasn't as bad as I had feared to go into my peaceful room for a bit of a retreat. 
    I did have a very busy week in spite of it all.  I invited each class in our building to bring in their entire class for 50 minutes.  I read and played games with the kiddos while the teachers had a few minutes to relax without cherubs.  The teachers enjoyed it and I loved it. 
     Christmas isn't Christmas unless I can read my favorite books.  Seriously.  When I do get around to retiring, I may have to "loan" myself to a school for a holiday read or two.  By the end of the week, I read my 3 favorite books a grand total of 19 times each!!  Oh my.  But it is so much fun. 
     Book number 3 on my favorite list - The Polar Express.  I know they have all seen the movie and heard the book, but it is such a wonderful tale.  I even ring my silver bell at the end to see if they can still hear the magic.  Everyone could, but some of my fifth graders didn't want to admit it.
     Number 2 - and very close to number one, is The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.  I really get into this book and use all kinds of voices and act it out.  One of the kids said I sounded like a scary grinch.  Great book!  Many years ago when I first started teaching I wrote Dr. Seuss and asked for his autograph.  He happily obliged with his name and a sentiment to me personally written on Cat in the Hat stationary and . . .in green crayon!!  Now isn't that cool?  It is a prized possession of mine.
     Book number one is my favorite and has no chance of being replaced - The Cajun Night Before Christmas.  I use a very cajun voice and kids love it.  I have read it for about 30 + years.  I have parents who I have taught coming in and asking when I will be reading it and can they come in.  It is a very fun read!
     So there you have it.  I enjoyed my reading time, got to see every child in the school and wish them a Merry Christmas.  Which by the way, I hope you have also.  May your holiday season be richly blessed.